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About BeforeYouInsure.co.uk

BeforeYouInsure.co.uk (“the website” primarily accessible at http://www.beforeyouinsure.co.uk) is a free service that allows members of the general internet using public to ask questions about any aspect of the UK insurance markets, and/or to provide answers to questions posed by others.

The website may also contain items of content that are designed to complement the core purpose of the website. For example consumer reports and news.

Disclaimer about BeforeYouInsure.co.uk

The website will not individually assess or provide any guarantees in relation to the technical validity or accuracy of any of the material contained within, including, but not limited to the content labeled as ‘questions’, ‘answers’ or related comments and information.

The basis of the website is to provide an open forum in which members of the general public can pose questions about the various insurance markets in the United Kingdom (UK) and therefore solicit answers from other members of the general public.

Further, it may be the case that questions and answers are provided by internal members of the website’s administrative and/or managerial staff, or by external persons selected on the basis of particular expertise. If this is the case, the questions and/or answers will be marked so that the general user is aware of their origination.

Irrespective of the nature or origin of the material on the website, by using this service you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. The website will not and cannot be help responsible for any negative outcome, such as losses or inconvenience, that may result from you having placed reliance on the information that you have sourced on the website.

BeforeYouInsure.co.uk is not a replacement for professional advice

The information you may find on this website must never be considered as substitute for the advice that you can receive from a qualified professional expert in matters on insurance, law or related areas.

All of the content provided directly by the operators of the website is done so in good faith, however, no guarantees can be made in relation to its accuracy, and should any errors be discovered, no liability can be placed upon the owners of this website.

As a website that is editable by the general public, it must be accepted that all of the contributed content is inherently of a speculative and opinion-based nature and therefore is provided ‘as is’. No representations, guarantees or warranties are made in relation to use of the content on this website.

The owners of BeforeYouInsure.co.uk vehemently disclaim any warranties implied or stated. Furthermore, it is entirely the responsibility of the user of the website to determine the usefulness, accuracy, validity and applicability of the information provided.

Any information written within the context of a question, answer, report or other form as yet undetermined, does in no way reflect the opinions of the owners or administrators of the website. It can only be construed that these are the opinions of the individual authors, and are not to be taken as necessarily factual, legally sound or validated in any way. Responsibility for confirming the accuracy of information available on the website lies solely with the user.

When submitting a question or answer or other form of content to the website you acknowledge the website is in no way responsible for any responses or additional comments that may be made following your submission. Therefore you agree that the website is without liability for any harm, injury, loss or damage that may result from you acting upon or relying upon on that information.

BeforeYouInsure.co.uk was created – and functions – purely for informational purposes and should never be relied upon for legal advice. Users are strongly advised to seek the advice of a qualified legal professional in their relevant jurisdiction before acting in any way that may affect their legal rights and position.

Use of advertising and “affiliate” links

As a free-to-use website, the revenue model that has been adopted for the website is one of a combination of advertising through publisher networks such as the AdSense programme operated by Google, and affiliate advertising links. Affiliate links in this context are internet hyperlinks that contain a code that tracks the user’s path from this site to a merchant’s website and, should the user go on to perform an action such as make a purchase or submit a product enquiry form on a merchant site, this website will receive a commission from the merchant (e.g. a UK insurance services provider) via a pre-determined arrangement.

When a user visits any external website via a hyperlink on BeforeYouInsure.co.uk, this website cannot be held responsible for any subsequent dissatisfaction that may result. Any user who purchases a product or service on an external website, or interacts in a pre-sales process such as completing an quotation form, does so entirely at their own risk.

Ownership of Content on BeforeYouInsure.co.uk

All of the content – including but not limited to the written and visual, the web code, graphic design and layout – on this website is the intellectual property exclusively of the owner of the website and is protected by United Kingdom copyright laws, except where ownership is explicitly renounced in writing by the owners of this website.

None of the content of the website may be legitimately reused, transmitted, sold, modified or distributed in any way without prior written consent.

Making contributions of content to BeforeYouInsure.co.uk

Users who make contributions of content to the website are not permitted to do the following:

- Promote products or services through which they stand to gain benefit directly or indirectly (without written consent)
- harvest information about other users for commercial purposes
- spread a computer virus
- impersonate another person or falsely represent an organisation in bad faith
- provide inaccurate advice maliciously
- harass or abuse others
- infringe any copyright laws that apply in the United Kingdom or any other jurisdiction
- misuse the website for any illegal purpose or in a way that may result in an illegal act


You agree that the directors, employees, licensors and officers of the website are indemnified against any liability, cost, loss or damage that may be incurred (with the inclusion of legal fees) should any actions that you take result in a breach of these Terms.